moved to leiaorgna
WARNING: contains triggering content. please be careful as you go through!


if you actually want to keep following me please follow me my new blog and not this one PLEASE

it happened. i GAINED another follower.

it’s terrible what the world has come to.

shadesemoji said: hi follow for follow? :)


do people just like not check blogs before they click the follow button?

i’ve gained followers here. GAINED. i don’t use this blog anymore. please check before following. i have moved.



jaimedayne said: oh hey I’m already following that one!

i figured haha. it’s the original blog connected with this sideblog. i got rid of all the old posts and i’ve been meaning to switch for a while now so people don’t have to get confused with the different urls i use when i do asks and stuff!

this blog will now be used as an archive! please follow me on my new blog (with a cleaner tag system and less baggage!)